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Indian man arrested for keeping his mother’s body for three years


Police in India’s Kolkata say they have arrested a man who kept his mother’s body in a freezer for three years.

Suspect Subhabrata Majumdar appeared to have mummified and preserved the body with chemicals. Police said they are investigating the motive, including whether the suspect kept the body so he could access his mother’s pension after she died.

He also appeared to believe his mother would be reborn if her body was preserved. Officials said they raided the house after they got an anonymous tip over phone on Wednesday.

According to reports, after Majumdar’s mother died in April 2015, the family chose not to cremate her, and instead kept her body in a large freezer conventionally used for storing ice cream.

The suspect had used a debit card to withdraw money from the account. His father has also been taken in for questioning.

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