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E Café – not your average Internet Cafe


Havelock Road is filled with eateries and little cafés around every corner to cater to Colombo’s growing population. Every time we travel along Havelock Road, we see new places cropping up to serve discerning palettes. However, we were surprised when we learnt that we totally overlooked the big yellow building right opposite Police Park.

Enter E Café – an almost tranquil and spacious environment with amazing interior that’s visually appealing. With plenty of quiet corners, this place is ideal for folk who need to concentrate on projects or anything work related. The premises boasted enough seating space both upstairs and downstairs and dozens of art and posters to keep you company. It would be a brilliant hangout spot for just about anyone either alone or in a group.

Orange Juice (Rs.530)

If you’re willing to pay over 500 bucks for a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, then this is for you! Although we commend E Cafe for serving freshly squeezed juice, it’s shocking the amount they charge their customers.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger (Rs.960)

We started with the salad – while crunchy and fresh, it would have benefited from a little more dressing. We never thought we’d be this impressed by a side starter, but a thoughtfully salted, delicate crisp exterior and a soft interior made the Potato Wedges the star of the meal. The burger wasn’t much to write home about. The bun, which tasted and looked like an average bun you would buy from a small shop, though fresh would have gained from more toasting, as it was a little soggy. The small, undoubtedly inadequate piece of Chicken, was dwarfed by slices of what seemed to be a massive tomato and onion. Props for making our eyes pop because you don’t see vegies that big too often. Unfortunately, the mustard on the bun overpowered the taste of almost everything else. Presentation of the entire dish could improve as well. We were left with the lingering feeling of ‘if only there had been more wedges’.

Tomato Chicken Spaghetti (Rs.830)

E Café has a variety of pastas and spaghettis on offer, so we decided to settle for the basic Tomato Chicken Spaghetti. At first glance, the sauce looked thick and rich, however it seemed to have been diluted with water. For 830 bucks, we expected a pretty amazing dish, only to be presented with an average spaghetti meal. On a positive note, their meal sizes are commendable; they were quite generous with their portions.

Red Velvet Cake (Rs.460)

The first thing we noticed was how the pieces were cut in a razor sharp manner. Immediately after taking the first bite, we realized how they had maintained the cake at an incredibly perfect cool temperature. It was neither too cold and certainly far from room temperature. The cream was enjoyably dense and the cake was smooth and silky. The flavor enjoyed a significant lift as a result of the perfect temperature.

Tiramisu Cake (Rs.460)

The cake was cool, soft and light and it had a whole lot of staying power. It wasn’t what a typical slice of Tiramisu cake would taste like, however, it tasted great!

Contact Information
Phone No: 011 2 507525
Address: No.120A, Havelock Road, Colombo 5
Open everyday : 7am – 12am

By Thahini Wijesinghe and Christopher Leanage

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